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Texas Rxsolutions and Compounding Pharmacy Offers Monoclonal Antibody Treatment 

With the ever-changing climate due to the COVID-19 virus, we offer several services to combat the coronavirus, including monoclonal antibody treatment. We still recommend our customers receive the COVID-19 vaccine, even if you take advantage of the monoclonal antibody COVID-19 treatment.

What is Monoclonal Antibody Treatment?

Monoclonal antibody COVID-19 treatment, also known as monoclonal antibody infusion treatment, is another option to fight the COVID-19 virus. Our goal is to help prevent hospitalizations, lessen the symptom severity, and reduce the spread of the coronavirus. 


The monoclonal antibody COVID-19 treatment is extremely effective but is not to be used as a substitute for the COVID-19 vaccine. Monoclonal antibodies are lab-produced molecules that act as replacement antibodies that can restore and enhance the immune system. These antibodies may block the virus that causes COVID-19 from attaching to the cells in the immune system, making it difficult for the virus to reproduce.

Monoclonal antibody COVID-19 treatment is available for those who are:

  • High-risk for developing severe COVID-19 symptoms

  • Has a positive COVID-19 test but has not been admitted to the hospital

  • Must be 12 years or older and weigh at least 88 pounds

Contact our knowledgeable team of expert pharmacists to learn more about our monoclonal antibody COVID-19 treatment.

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